Add tech support solutions to showcase channel


When trying to answer questions myself, I often go through the tech support channel and notice that you post a lot of automations, which are super helpful. (I know I ask a lot of questions, but there would be a lot more if I didn’t do that. lol). I was thinking it would be great if you added those answers to the Automation Showcase channel for easy access. Then people wouldn’t have to go through the tech support channel to find them. Maybe, if it was created in response to a tech support question, you could link to that particular thread so people would be able to look at why it works. Just an idea! :slight_smile:


Hi @skimber ,
Good idea, the Automations Showcase category intended to show all the nice and useful automations the users want to share but many of my examples in the technical support are incomplete or will not be helpful to most users other than learning from it.
Maybe a new category called “Previous Solutions - Automation Files”.
I can link the the topic for each solution.
there is also a search bar in the forum so you can try to find automations.


That’s a great idea! I use the search bar a lot, but to have something curated would be amazing. :slight_smile: