AT version - Update Notes

better memory management, better performance and faster UI.

new features:

  • 2 new types of loop:
    – stop loop: new ability to stop loops for more efficiency and faster executions on large projects.
    – properties in the layer: loops on all the properties of the layer, new support for many more properties(layers styles, 3d, camera properties, light properties and many more).

  • new collection actions and properties.

  • new functionalities in the user interface:
    – multiline text support.
    – lines counter.
    – select multiple lines to delete, disable or collapse.
    – upload automation files from the main window.
    – “collapse all” button.

I didn’t get the chance to use the version, but I’m thankful for your updates. You’re creation is getting better and better. You’re attentiveness to the needs of your users are the gold standard of product development.
I hope it sounds like the compliments I’m trying to share.

Thank you @Zinim !
The development of the product would not have been the same without the enthusiasm of users like you.

I’m seconding what Zinim said. I presented the automations I have made to my team only yesterday and they are amazed. It shaves off days, in some cases weeks, worth of work for us. More time for creativity, less technical management. I have dreamed of this button for over a decade. Thank you! Can’t wait to check out this new update.

@pennytron Thank you!
Well done, the fact that you managed to create such efficient automations is very impressive.
It is very exciting to hear that you like the product and that you find it useful for you and for your team.
This is awesome, thanks for sharing!