Auto Adjust Comp Resolution

Hello! I have a 2 part question. I have an abnormally large composition (for a sports arena LED board) that needs to be split in half & stacked on top of each other in order to output correctly. Here’s the process I’m thinking of:

Part 01:

Original (File 01) = 26,432 x 64
Target Output File = 13,216 x 128 (half the width & double the height of original)

-File 01 sitting in Main (26,432 x 64) Comp
-File 01 pre-composed within Main Comp
-Main Comp changes resolution to 13,216 x 128

-Duplicate Precomp (2 layers now in comp) within Main Comp

-Layer 01 set position x to 13,216 and position y to 32
-Layer 02 set position x to 0 and position y to 96

Part 2: (If possible)
I have a lot of files that need to be flipped all at once. I want to be able to highlight all compositions within my project bin and run this automation on all comps with a single click of a button.

Is this possible??

Thanks for the help!

Hi @teinam , welcome to the forum!

If you watched the promo video you can guess it is indeed can be done with a single click of a button :wink:

Thanks for the detailed information, it really helped me understand the functionality that you need.
I created for you this automation, I did not hardcoded the numbers that you provided for this exact screen dimensions, I wanted to take a more general approach that can work with any screen size, in case you need in the future to work with different screen sizes, it calculates the new dimensions of the comp and layers positions based on the original comp dimensions, so even if you run it on a 1920 x 1080 comp it will work fine. (I checked the numbers and they are the same)

Download -
Auto Adjust Comps (3.5 KB)

Just select all the main compositions in the project panel and run the automation.
I commented each line in the editor so you can understand it more easily.

Please let me know if you have more questions,

Alon, this is perfect! Tested this out, and it’s doing exactly what I need. Really appreciate your help with this! Also helped me understand how everything works in this plugin too so thank you–
Would love to compensate you for your time working on this, can I buy your next coffee?

@teinam I am glad it worked for you,

Thanks for the generous offer but currently I am not accepting money for technical support, because there are not too many users posts in the forum and there are not enough tutorials so I am happy to help that way instead.

if you have more questions and ideas feel free to reach out and create posts.

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