Automatic Assign Label-Color to Project items

Before i buy the tool, i´d like to clarify if the following problem can be handled by the script:

I often works with many assets (especially images) and templates. E.g. i have a template of a slide show for 50 images. I now import 150 of my images into the project and assign 50 of them to the template comps. Now I want to set all Label Colors of my images (items) in the project-window, which are contained at least once in one of the different template comps, to red. So I would be able to see which image already has been used in the slideshow by the label “red” of the item.

BR Dirk

Hi @Five-Birds, welcome to our forum!

First off, I want to suggest that you start with the free version of the Automation Toolkit. It’s packed full with great features that most users find really useful. Get to know it, see how it fits with your workflow, and then think about upgrading to the pro version if you want more features or just to show some love for the product.

Now, let’s get to your question. The Automation Toolkit can definitely help you handle tasks like the one you described, and it can do a whole lot more when it comes to automating templates. You’d be amazed at what you can do with it! Your idea about automatically changing the label color of used images is just one small example of what’s possible.

At the moment, the “used in” property that checks if a project item is used in a composition isn’t supported in the Automation Toolkit. I’m always adding new properties based on what users ask for, and I’ve put this one on my list to add in the future. :smiley:

But don’t worry if a property isn’t in there yet. One cool thing about Automation Toolkit is that you can add in your own scripting code to do something that’s not built in. So we can use this to create an automation for your task.

If you want, I’m more than happy to help you put together this automation. Just let me know!


Just in case you want to try it out,
Here is the Automation “Check Used” (9 lines)-

Download -
Check Used.json (16.9 KB)

First you need to select all the footage that you want to check (if used in the project), then run the automation, it will set the label of all the used items to red and and not used to aqua, you can changed the colors as you want.

Keep in mind that you need to right click on the automation and click “edit information” and then click “advanced settings”, and enable the “Allow automation to run external javascript code”, this setting will allow the automation to run the javascript code needed for this automation to function.

Please let me know if you need help or you have any questions,

First of all:
Thank you very much for the quick reply, the suggestion for the free version and last but not least, the .json file which will help me in my daily work (it is excactly doing, what i need!). This all shows me, that the Automation Tool is a “living” tool and is well supported, so i will play around a little bit and probably buy the pro version!

Thanks again a lot Alon
BR Dirk aka Five-Birds