Can I control the layer in the pre-comp?

I made a code that adjusts the In, Out Point value in the active comp.

I want to do it more comfortably.

Can I control this in the parent component?

I want to know how to approach the layer of pre-components.

Thank You

Hi @LemonBlue,

if I understand correctly you are trying to access and manipulate the nested layers inside precomp layers.

  1. your approach should be to first loop over the layers in the active comp and then find a precomp layer using the “is precomp” layer property.
  2. then you have to save the layer source property into an item variable (so you can access its layers),
  3. then you can loop over the layers inside this precomp using the loop option “layers in other comp” and select the item variable from step 2.
  4. inside this loop you can control the layers of this precomp.

I made an example automation that sets in-point of all the layers inside all the precomps to 5 seconds.
(make sure that you have precomps in the active comp and layers inside them)

Download -
edit precomp layers.json (6.2 KB)

Please let me know if you have more questions,

It works! Thank you very much