Clean up your project - but really!

Hey guys
Not long ago I got a very complex project from another AE artist. I was shocked by how many unused effects and layers.
I made an automation with the help of Alon Shemer that can really help with that.
MAKE SURE to really go over the instructions because it’s a bit complex.
This automation will remove all the unused layers and keep layers that are linked with expression, nulls, used by effects, parents, are track Matte, guide and more. It will even check that it won’t break any expressions you might have.
After its done, It will consolidate, reduce and collect your project if you wish to.

  1. Down load all 3 automation and make sure to run them from the start to the beginning.
    Automation 1-2 are not a must but recommended.
    2.Select you main composition in the project window.
  2. Go over the main comp and all pro comps first left click on automation 01. Select all layers you afraid the automation would delete and tag them as KEEP. That way even if a layer is supposed to be removed, it will be kept. Then Shit click the automation (01) and run the automation.
  3. Go over all the composition and left click step 02. It will unlock locked layers if you have those so you can select all layers you are positive you want to remove (even if they are enabled).
    After you select all layers you wish to tag REMOVE shift click automation 02.
  4. Go to the project window and select you main composition.
    save the project. Run step 03 of the automation.
    It will go over the entire project and remove all layers that don’t do anything, remove empty pre-comps, remove disabled effects on layers the it keeps.

After its done, it will inform you exactly what it did. (how many layers got removed).
If you chose, it would organize the timeline and clean up the project window. At the end it will collect the “cleaned” project.

It will even get rid of unlined files (if you wish it to).

In any case don’t worry it won’t preform any action on the original file but only on to a copy its creating in the start of the process.

I’ll be happy to get responses from you guys, let me know if it is useful to you.
If you found bug, or if there are more features you added or want me to add.

Good luck :slight_smile:


01_Set to keep.json (58.1 KB)
02_Set to remove.json (39.1 KB)
03_Cleanup Compositio.json (330.8 KB)


Description -

Removes unused layers, effects and pre-comps.
Remove duplicates items.
Remove unlinked and unused footage.
Remove unused items.
Reduce the project.
Organize your timeline.
Collect the cleaned project.
Do all of that on a new copy of the project so the original is safe.

Additional Information -

not required

Here are some upgrades for step 1-2
01_Set to keep.json (60.7 KB)
02_Set to remove.json (70.2 KB)