Comp Save Frame As to Jpeg by specified timecode

Hi, I wanted to create an automation that will send selected comps from the project panel to the render queue and will save all the selected as jpeg by specified timecode,
I am quite new in this tool, How will I approach it ?


Hi @Yaron, sorry for the delay,

I saw your message earlier but found an annoying bug that made me crazy, it related to setting the start time of the render, but I found that if I run this line twice it fixes the problem, so I am not sure if it is on my end or adobe but it wasn’t critical bug anyways.

There are many concepts to learn in this automation so I hope it is not too complicated for you, if it is you can disable parts of the automation and see how each part function separately, I also wrote a comment for each line.

the process -

  1. ask the user for a frame number and to specify a destination folder.
  2. disable all current renders.
  3. add all the selected compositions in the project panel to the render queue.
  4. set the properties of each render item,
    a. make the render item duration to be 1 frame
    b. make the start time and the end time the specified frame.
    c. set the render jpeg preset, parent folder and the name.

Currently it uses the “TIFF Sequence with Alpha” output preset, you can change it to a preset that renders to Jpeg (there isn’t one by default in after effects) by creating a new render output template.

additionally it ask you for an output folder for all the renders and uses this naming template -


the comp name + underscore + the frame number + . + file extension

(naming template is a feature inside After Effects that lets you create automatic names based on custom properties, you can use this panel to create a custom name yourself)

Download -

Save Comps as (3.5 KB)

Let me know if you have any questions,

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Thank you Alon, its working great! That was very helpful!!