Create Displaced Glass window look


Displaced Glass Window.json (307.2 KB)

Name - Displaced Glass Window

Description -

Here’s an automation I came up with (with a lot of help from @alonshemer ) that creates the displaced glass look in the picture attached. You can easily move the panes individually or as a group using a null created by the automation. You can also set the width of the Displacement Glass panes by defining the width of a solid. And you can control how much shadow is on the displaced glass through an opacity setting.

Additional Information -

In addition, if you need to do this for a second layer or comp, but don’t want to have to recreate the Displacement Map reference layer, it will find it in your project.

I know there are some redundancies in variables and loops. This was because I worked on this piecemeal and ended up pasting all the pieces together into one long automation. (Then I got too lazy to go through everything and pare it down. LOL)

I realize that this is a very specific effect which may not be useful for everyone, but hopefully it can help some at some point!


@skimber It’s almost like you created a new effect for After Effects!
Very interesting and complex automation, it works well for me.
Thanks for sharing and nice work!

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Thanks! That means a lot! :slight_smile: