Creating and renaming Folders and Comps

I created this following some other files found in the forum to create a folder and a comp for different formats files

now I need to after that rename just the portion that is call SHOWNAME with a custom name I can enter

How can I do that?

NN Show PKG Chicago Studio TEST.json (138.1 KB)

Hi @roliveros,

You can do that by creating a text variable at the start for the show name, and check the user prompt, it will open a new window that asks the user to fill this value with the show name.

then you can create a text variable for each folder name and set the value of this variable, to
“01_NN_” + Show Name value + “OPEN

that way you can combine multiple texts with the show name to create custom name for folders and compositions.

Here is the updated version with the custom show name.
Download -
NN Show PKG Chicago Studio TEST ver (5.4 KB)

Please let me know if you have more questions.

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I do have another challenge to this file.

I need to add to for example the “open Comp” a layers Information with Key Frames that explains times for that particular file

Can that be possible… I am trying too make it work too

Thank you so much for your help that is why I got the pro version plugging and we are exiting @ our tv station to get more license to use in our work flow

@roliveros I am glad to hear that it helps your tv station and happy to help.

Sure it is possible, but i need more information about what you need to do in the composition, can you add more information about which layer do you need to add to the composition, and if you need to add markers or keyframes on which property, also at what times?

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Thank you so much. My bad…No Key Frames “Markers”

It can be a Null layer or any layer to hold the Markers call this layer:

“File Info Cut Points”


2 Frames in First Marker call: Key In

@ frames 25,26,27 2do Marker call: Cut Points

and last Marker call End Animation @ 3 Sec

thank you so much for your help

@roliveros Thank you for the added information,

  1. you first need to add null object layer to the composition, there is an action for that called “add null”.

  2. then you can loop over this composition and find this new layer with the name “File Info Cut Points”

  3. then the process of adding markers is first to calculate the time they need to be at in seconds,
    so if you want the first marker at frame 3#, you need to find this time in seconds,
    the calculation is simple, it is - the frame time / the frame rate of the comp
    so in this case it will be 3 / 29.97 = 0.10010
    when you have the time in seconds, you can use the layer action “add marker” and use this time.

  4. after you creating 3 markers, you can loop over them, and set their comment and their duration using the same method of calculating the duration in seconds.

Download -
NN Show PKG Chicago Studio TEST ver (8.8 KB)

You are a genius. Thank you so much

Hi, I appreciate all your help.

I am trying to add to this file also a way to color the folder and comp to each of this folders and New Comps

For Example to
Folder and New Comp Opens: Red
Folder and New Comp Backgrounds: Blue

Same color to folder and Comp inside

could you help me add that function to the file…

Hi @roliveros , sure I am happy to help.

You can change the label color of project items using the item property - label,
then when you loop over the items, if there is an item with a specific name you can set the label there to the right color.

Here is an example of this automation with custom color for each folder and its content.
Download -
NN Show PKG Chicago Studio TEST ver (9.2 KB)

Thank you so much