How can I add a preset from Effects & Presets?

I want to make an automation that adds a preset to a layer, is it possible?

In this automation I tried to do it but it doesn’t work, I think I forgot something…

Hi @Remus , Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for sharing a screenshot of your automation.
However, it seems that the issue you are facing is related to the preset file not being installed in the correct location.

In After Effects, there are two paths for presets: the local user path (located in the Documents folder) and the software package location (located in Program Files on Windows or in the Application folder on Mac).

Currently, Automation Toolkit searches for the animation preset file (.ffx) only in the software package location.
On Windows, this is typically located at -
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects [version]\Support Files\Presets.
On Mac, it is usually located at -
Applications/Adobe After Effects [version]/Presets/

Please ensure that your preset file is saved in this folder, and you can create subfolders as needed to organize your presets.

Newer Version

@Remus It appears that you are currently using an outdated version of Automation Toolkit (version 1).
I strongly suggest upgrading to version 2 as it offers a better user experience and more features.

If you have previously purchased the original Automation Toolkit, you should be able to upgrade to version 2 for free. If not, there is a free tier available.

One of the new features in version 2 is the addition of tooltips for each action and set.


Simply hover your cursor over the box to view them and improve your workflow.

Furthermore, with version 2, you have the ability to embed the animation preset file inside an automation, eliminating the need to install it in the animation & presets After Effects folder.

I hope that this information has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.