How can I handle time position of a layer?

Hi, I just reversed a video, so I have comp1 (the original) and the comp1_reflet (the reverse)
And I want to play the comp1 from 0 to 8 s then the reverse from 8s to 16s

What is the property of the Layer I should use ? I tried this one : time remap, but didn’t work, I didn’t find anything else including “time”

Thank you for your help

Sorry I finally found how to handle with start time :slight_smile:
My last problem is that it considers the start time of the second at 8.3 instead of 8

Sorry it’s finally solved with a -0.05 on the start time :slight_smile: I can’t close the topic

Hi @LucieDevGirl ,

Looks like you managed to solve the problems :smiley:,

I just wanted to say that the time remap is the cleanest way of creating this automation, but it is quite hard to figure out how to create the keyframes and which values to use and how to calculate them without repeating frames.

I created this automation for you with time remap so you can examine and see if you can learn from it, I tried to comment each line and explain how it works but this automation is quite complex so take your time.

Download -
time remap reverse layer.json (49.9 KB)

As always let me know if you have more questions,