How to add footage to comp in order?

I have x number of videos that need to play in order inside a comp. I have written an automation to add the footage to the comp, but the in point is the same for each clip. I would like to add them so that the first clip starts at 0, then the next clip begins a frame after the last clip ends, so they will be strung together back to back on and on.


Or another way of approaching it, would be to say, how can I run the “Animation > Keyframe Assistant > Sequence Layers” command?

Hi @efraser88,

There are two methods to achieve what you’re looking to do (as you already mentioned):

Method 1 (1 automation line):
You can utilize the “menu command” project action and type “Sequence Layers…”. This will indeed sequence your clips together, but it might not be as seamless as you’d like since it opens a dialog box requiring you to confirm the action by clicking ‘OK’.

Please keep in mind that this command applies to the selected layers. So, in your automation, before initiating the menu command, you should ensure that only the layers you’ve added to the composition are selected.

You can download an example here:
Sequence Layers Menu Command.json (1.5 KB)

Method 2 (only 5 automation lines):
A more manual method is setting the ‘start time’ property of each layer individually. Start by setting the first layer’s ‘start time’ to 0, then for each subsequent layer, set its start time to the ‘out point’ of the preceding layer.

This process ensures the first layer starts at 0 and sets a “previous layer out point” variable to refer to. When it moves to the next layer, it assigns its start time to match the out point of the previous layer. For instance, if the first layer’s out point is at 2 seconds, the next layer will start at exactly 2 seconds.

Check out this example automation that sequences all the selected layers in the active composition manually:
Sequence Layers Manual.json (7.4 KB)

Let me know if you need further assistance, happy to help.


Beautiful, thank you so much!