Import JSX Automation?


I had a bit of bad news the other day! I had to format my hard drive and lost a lot of my automations. I had fortunately exported them as JSX files to run with KBar, so at least I didn’t fully lose them. But now I don’t have access to edit the original automation, and can’t for the life of me remember how I did some of the processes.

Is there any way I can take the exported JSX files and bring them back into Toolkit to continue editing them?

Thank you!


Hi @oldmanskippy,

I’m sorry to hear about your recent troubles, that’s a tough situation. I hope you can successfully recover and recreate your lost automations.

Regarding your question about the JSX files, I’m glad to inform you that it is indeed possible to convert them back to JSON files. However, the conversion process isn’t straightforward, and that’s why I have developed a conversion tool for you to simplify this process.

Please follow the link below and paste the content of your JSX file(using a text editor like notepad) into the designated text area. After doing so, you will be able to download the restored automation file. I hope this tool will work seamlessly for you. I developed it quickly, but I believe it’s stable and ready for use.


For future reference, I recommend regularly backing up your automations. You can do this by navigating to the categories menu and selecting “export all”. This will export all the automations in the selected category to a folder of your choice.

Best of luck with your projects, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance.


Hi Alon,

This worked perfectly! Thanks for saving the day :slight_smile:

And yes, I’ll take better care of backing up my automations. Thank you!