Is it a way to loop into properties of an effect and change target color?

Hi, I wanted to copy paste an effect, I succeeded.


Now I want to change the target color which is a property of my effect. See in the picture attached, I would like to change this pink to a variable. I have the RGB value then is it a way to fill it in the automation toolkit ?

Thank you for your help

Hi @LucieDevGirl ,
You can do it in Automation Toolkit.

Please take a look at this previous post to see if it answer your questions - Color Control

In addition, I updated Automation Toolkit to support converting hex color value to rgb
using text variable action called “convert hex to rgb color”.

Look at this example, it sets the default red color property of the the effect “Color Control” to #2f5ea8 on the selected layer in the active composition.

(I am not sure which effect is it in the picture because of the language, so i used the color control effect in the example).

Download -
set effects color.json (16.4 KB)

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you very much for your help ! That worked perfectly with rgb but only with the converter !
(not if I fill directly 147,22,55 for example. It worked with 1,0,0 or 0,1,0 but didn’t with complex rgb code)

But thank you for your tips your helped me a lot ! :slight_smile:

@LucieDevGirl, Glad it worked :smiley:

By default color properties accept values between 0.0-1.0 and not 0-255,

0-255 color values supports only 8 bit, so we want to use the 0.0-1.0 range to support 16 bit and 32 bit projects.

Converting 147,22,55 color to decimal -

method 1 -

  • calculate - 147/255 , 22/255 , 55/255 → 0.57647058823 , 0.0862745098 , 0.21568627451

method 2 -

  • change the the color display settings in the info panel and copy the decimal values (don’t forget to change it back).

Automation Toolkit Decimal Color_1

method 3 -

  • You can create an automation in Automation Toolkit that displays the current value of this specific color property that you are trying to get, by default it will show it in the right color format (decimal) so you can just copy the numbers from there. let me know if you want an example for this automation.

As always please let me know if you have any other questions.