Json to JSXBIN converter

Hi, is it possible to convert json file into jsxbin without using the Shortcut Generator in the AT preferences? I have a cc2017 version and I don’t want to upgrade to a higher version due to compatibility issues of my other plugins.

Here’s the error I get when I click Generate Shortcut Files:

keyboard shortcuts supported from adobe after effects cc18 and above(version 15.0).

I hope you can help me, really really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi @Kin,

Welcome to the forum!

Issue Explanation:
The error message you’re seeing arises because Adobe added support for setting custom keyboard shortcuts starting from version CC2018, as evident here:


However, even with your version, there are ways to create the jsx shortcut files, particularly if you’re using Kbar or if you plan to run the jsxbin manually.


  • Method 1:
    Generate the keyboard shortcut using a newer version of After Effects, like CC2018. Once you have those jsxbin files, you can use them in CC2017 too.

  • Method 2:
    Manually create the shortcut files:

    1. Copy the original “Automation-Toolkit.jsxbin” script from the After Effects “ScriptUI Panels” folder and place it in another directory.
    2. Rename this copied file to “Automation-Toolkit_Automation Name.jsxbin”. Make sure to replace “automation name” with the precise name of your automation.
      (Please note: if the automation name contains any special characters such as /, \, |, :, *, ?, ", <, or >, you’ll need to remove them from the name.)

Note on Upgrading:

I noticed that you might be using the older version of AT (v1). Just as a heads-up, this version is now discontinued and won’t receive further updates. It’s also no longer available on the Aescript store.

The newer “Automation Toolkit Pro” (v2) is a complete rewrite, now functioning as an extension rather than a script. It offers a vastly improved UI, more features, and an overall enhanced experience. If you’re using the old AT script, I highly recommend upgrading to AT Pro v2. It’s available for free to previous users or you can try the AT v2 free version. However, please be aware that it requires AE 2018 and above.

Please let me know if you need further assistance!