Keep values when changing top level

Hey. I have a feature request. When you change a parameter like a referenced loop, for instance, it gets rid of everything that you may have already had after that parameter, causing you to have to rebuild everything again. As an example of what I’m talking about, I’m trying to do what you suggested with the Smoke Dissolve automation, and referencing comps without opening them. But, when I switch the loop from “loop layers in the active comp” to “Loop layers in other comp,” it gets rid of everything else I built. It would be great if it kept those parameters, even after we changed something like that.


@skimber , Thanks, I will implement this in the next update.
it should have been in this latest update but I forgot about it :sweat_smile:
easy solution, you can drag out the inner lines and then change the loop type and then drag them inside again.

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