Moving Item, containing text to Composition

I’m trying to figure it out, how to create an automation to move an Item, that is in a folder (e.g. called ‘X’) of the Project Panel containing a word text (in my case ‘clown’) to active Composition.
Somebody could help me?

I found really difficult to find a sequence that find and define the ‘clown’ footage, then select it, and then move it to the composition.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Babba , welcome to the form!
sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile: (i usually tries to answer faster)

You can do this quite easily, I’ve created a picture for you that should tell you what each line does

Download -
add layer.json (10.0 KB)

Please let me know if you have issues with it or you have more questions,

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This is insanely awesome!!!
Many many many thanks @alonshemer

I tried it and it works incredibly well!

Thanks again

Hi @alonshemer
Thanks again for your help
I move forward on my Script and it turned in something very interesting
But I got into a problem(not so relevant, but will be better if solved). I was wondering if you could help me.
I just add a slide to better explain.

How can I recall those kind of courtain submenus via Automatic Toolkit, and then set a choice between one of them?
As you can see in the slide,
I’ve already use in other cases ‘Effects in Layer/Property in the effect’ Combo, but they worked only for parameters with decimal values or at least values that indicate some sort of index numbers. But did not work (or better, I did not succeded) with those submenus, not even using Values or Names.
To be specific I need to select:
Take Matte From: Clown_Diam Effect & Mask
Preset: White Star 2

Could you help me?
Best Regards

Hi @Babba , I am glad it worked,
to answer your other questions,

  1. the submenus (Source, Masks, Effects & Masks) are not supported by adobe in scripting, so there is no existing way to change this menu unfortunately, if you must change this menu there is the option to add this effect via animation preset file, so if you save it as animation preset with this menu set to “Effects & Masks” you can apply it with the automation.

  2. changing the set matte layer index menu (“Take Matte From Layer”) is a bug that I have already fixed (some menus that select layers have this issue), but I still have to release the update, there is a workaround that makes it work in the current version, you can create a number variable and use the action “convert text to number” to make it work with the menu.
    check out this example -
    track matte.json (17.2 KB)

  3. the starglow is another issue that is not related, I tested it out and it looks like the problem is that there are couple of properties with the same name “Preset”, if you change all of them it will reset the value to “Current Settings” for some reason, so in this case you have to select only the first “Preset” property, for this you can find its unique name “match name” property or just stop the loop after finding the first property called “Preset”.
    check out this example (I used the second method) -
    star glow.json (15.8 KB)

  • this 3rd issue is not common as it the first time I am seeing it, every effect is different so it is hard to know what they did under the hood.

I hope it helps you, and please let me know if you have more issues, in the next version (that is fully ready) the second issue will be solved and also it will be possible to embed animation presets/files within an automation so you wont have to install it separately.


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Many thanks @alonshemer
Fast as a lightning as always.
I will try the solutions soon (guess tomorrow) and let you know.
Thanks again
Best Regards

Hi @alonshemer
I tried to add the new functions to my scripts and they work great.
Thanks Again

Best Regards