Set Expression to Selected Property


Set expression to Selected Property.json (6.7 KB)

Name - Set Expression to Selected Property

Description -
This simple automation sets expression to any selected layer property (you can choose few properties)


Additional Information -

I was looking for this automation, but found automations that affects only to “opacity, rotation, scale etc.” Which means we have to a lot of specific buttons for every property :no_good_man: So I did universal button =)

I spend 2 hours for this, I’m newbie :sneezing_face: it was so hard, but I like it!
Huge respect to developers and moders team! :heart:

Tags -
Layer property, expression

PS: I wanted to update this automation, but I don’t have enough knowledge - Can we make this automation usable for Effects Property too? :thinking: Tried to do it with - […if > properties in the layer selected >false > loop > properties in the effects > if property selected > set exp. (When trying to run this AT with effect property) But I failed

@krkrkrkr Thanks for sharing!

your method could work fine but there is a much easier way, just 1 button click away.

just click on “all properties” in line 3 and it should do the job!

Thanks! Its working! I thought this mark is doing effects for all properies, i mean if I run AT it will set expression to all properties :laughing: