Split Layer By Markers


split layer by markers.json (39.3 KB)

Name - split layer by marker

Description -

the automation splits the selected layer to multiple layers by it’s markers.

Is there a way to modify this to split the selected layer by the Composition markers? I’m trying to do it, but the automation is a bit too complex for me.

Hi @efraser88 ,
Sure! i can help modify it

This automation is quite complex because I took an advanced approach in creating it as I wanted it to work on multiple selected layers, I over complicated it a bit. the automation essentially duplicates the selected layer by the number of markers, and then it sets the in and out point of every duplicated layer.

You can try a simpler more naive approach, we can use another method to split the layer, using the menu command “Split Layer”, but it will work on only 1 layer at a time.
we will set the composition time indicator to each marker and run the menu command “Split Layer”.
look at this modified automation (only 6 lines) -
Split Layer Simple.json (8.6 KB)

let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks Alon, sorry it took me a while to get back, I’ve been busy and hadn’t had a chance to check this.

This automation is definitely a lot simpler, but it still doesn’t use the Comp markers. It only works with the layer markers. Is it possible to modify to work with the composition markers?

Oh wow, I just figured it out. Easy fix. Thanks again Alon!

@efraser88 You’re right, I didn’t realize you wanted to use the composition markers, anyway well done! :smiley: