Stipple Texture


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Name - Stipple Texture

Description -

This is an automation based on another tutorial I saw. I don’t want to link that one here, as it’s not on a free site. But, hopefully it’s useful. It allows you to highly-stylize your layer with a noise texture that can be animated or unanimated. There’s an FPS layer that allows you to change the colors and control the speed of the animation, should you choose to use it. Enjoy!

Additional Information -

not required

Hi @skimber,
nice effect, thanks for sharing!

I noticed that there is a “Shadows” color control effect on the null object that is not attached to anything.
I just wanted to let you know about it

Thanks for the heads up! There was a typo in my automation. Funny how an “l” can derail everything. :slight_smile: Going to revise the original post!