Sub-folders for shared automations?

As my team gets more and more ideas for automations, our list of shared automations (hosted on our server) grows. It would be awesome if we could either use some sort of sub-folder system inside AT in AE; or maybe a sub-folder on the PC is a catergory that we can filter through in AT in the Shared Automation section?


Hi @pennytron ,

It’s great to hear that your team is actively using the Automation Toolkit and coming up with many automation ideas!

Currently, you can organize your automations into multiple folders within the shared location on the server. To filter these folders, you can use the menu as shown in the image below:

In this setup, categories like “vfx” can be hidden if not selected. (each item is a folder in the shared location)

Could you please share more about the challenges or limitations you are encountering with this current method of organization and filtering?
Additionally, I would glad to hear more about your ideal setup to better meet your team’s needs.

Just wanted to share another feature that might enhance how you interact with multiple categories within the system.

You can enable the “Display only one category at a time” setting, which allows you to focus on a single category, reducing on-screen clutter. This might make it easier for you to manage and navigate through your automations.

Oooooh my gosh, I was making my subfolders within the automatically created “Shared Automations” folder. I simply placed them into the “Automation Toolkit Shared Storage” folder (as pictured above) and it works exactly how I wanted. I’ve pulled some hair out, but still love it.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 170947

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