Undo? (tittle must be at least 15 characters) 😉

I hope it’s not too late for… but it would be quite useful for trial and error situations for those of us who don’t have a very developed algorithmic intuition. :pray:t2:

This is a very complicated feature to implement but I will keep it in mind for later updates/versions, (I fixed the title minimum length :sweat_smile:)

On second taught maybe this is not that complicated to implement, I will look further on how to make this happen. Your requests are very helpful!

From my point of view it’s really worth while doing it sooner than later.
I’ve been working with a software called Resolume Arena, and for many years it’s been made a mockery for not having Undo, and because it was so complicated to implement they only go to do it on their version 7… many years into development… I guess they had to rewrite to whole thing in order to do that… :crazy_face:

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@Zinim in the latest update I added new undo system.

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:bowing_man:‍♂ (apparently this is a bowing emoji).
Can’t wait to try it…

Yay… works like a charm…
Thanks :pray: