Alon is it possible to make a random font and random color?

That would be pretty cool if i could get a random font everytime i hit a button, also random Color thank you.

Hi Zachary @zeekdaville , Thanks for posting here! :smiley:

Adobe only added support for fonts in the scripting language that Automation Toolkit use from After Effects CC2024, so it is possible to randomize the fonts only from the newest version of After Effects 2024 that came out very very recently.
Randomizing the text color is possible from all the After Effects versions.

Download -
Random Text Font& (2.5 KB)

Again - make sure to run it on After Effects 2024 if you want the random font functionality.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

You come through again in the clutches.

Now let me ask you can you also do randomize for animations presets and effects as well?

Oh okay, So if i have 25 text files that’s all selected is it possible to get different colors and different font for each text that’s selected. Also would love to know if you add Random Font sizes with minimum and max. Thanks Alon.

@zeekdaville , I am not sure what do you mean by randomize for animation presets and effect, can you give me an example? or explain it further

Sure. here is the modified automation.
Download -
Random Text Font&Color (3.1 KB)

Thanks that last file did work beautifully.

Also random animations presets or effects for selected files in the active timeline. Would love to add a random animation presets to all my text files. Is that possible? Just like the random fonts and random colors, what about the random animation.

Also is it possible to do a precompose for selected items that have the same starting point. Ok say if I Sequence Layers a set of text files, then i Sequence Layers background photos that way each text goes with different backgrounds . I want to see if I could precompose all items with the same starting point then send each precomp to the rendering que.

Hey @zeekdaville, I’m happy it worked out for you!

Absolutely! Just point to a folder where you’ve stored your animation presets.
If you’ve saved them in your documents, they’re likely located here:
C:\libraries\Documents\Adobe\After Effects 2024\User Presets

  • Note: You can choose any folder with your .ffx animation presets.

However, don’t use this path:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2023\Support Files\Presets

  • Using this location won’t work. Automation Toolkit can’t access the After Effects root directory for safety reasons.

To apply the presets:

  1. Select all text layers in your active composition.
  2. Run the automation.
  3. When prompted, specify the folder with your presets. The tool will then randomly apply these presets to each layer.

Download -

Random Animation (3.0 KB)

Yes, you can! Here’s an automation that will help you with that.

Download -
Precompose by (1.5 KB)

If you need further assistance, just let me know!

Wow man this program can do alot. Okay the Precompose by in, is there a way you could have the files in the individual precomps brought to the front and trimmed to the texted file as well, once it’s precompose.

Second Question is their a script that could add a text file then put a name and add numbers. Say if i got one file called love, i would like to add 8 more texts files that have the same name but with a chronological number behind it. Like Love 1, Love 2, Love 3, Love 4 and so on. If i could have a popped up box for name and how much text files i want. Let me know if you do donations.

@zeekdaville I’m not sure how you use this. What do you mean exactly by bring to front? Which files or layers? Can you show me an example?

Yes, try this automation.

Download -
Create Text (1.7 KB)


This is no question a very terrific program! This make all our works go by quick and fast. Three days of work in less than a hour or two. Man this program is insane for video, hands down the best program for A.E.
GOD Almighty Bless.

Hey Alon wanted to know is their a way to collect all effects in a project or all effect layers in a project then save it?


@zeekdaville , i didn’t quite understand the question, how to collect and save to where? can you give an example?

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Man im sorry just see your post. Want to know 3 things.

First You made Random Animation Preset which i love, i wanted to know if you could automatically store the preset information into a collection file, text or something. That instead of it checking and scanning the folder it always has list the first time it was scanned. I have 200 plus fx plugins it scans which takes time.

Secondly i have a problem getting A.E 24 installed. Is it possible you could make a collection system that could put a numbers list together to get the fonts files in A.E or Microsoft font list then apply it. You gave me another cool script called Random Text Font and Color, i get everything working except random fonts.

Third a Script that could collect every effect file in a project or comp, They do have alot of free templates on the internet, just was wondering if they have any script that can collect all these effects that people uses.

Last but not least i have a file ive made i was wondering if you could tweaks some parameters and make it run smoothly. Trying to make a motion file that any png or 3d file i put into after effect will have some motion too it. Whether it swings, flip, rotates with position. I was trying to upload a file but it says new user cant upload a file.

i made an automation that creates a list of all the presets in the specified folder, that later you can put in the original automation instead of scanning a folder each time.

can you run this automation and send me the list? so i can edit the “Random Animation Preset” automation to use it.
Download -
Collect Animation Presets (1.8 KB)

it quite hard to collect the fonts without the use of After Effects because After Effects names the fonts in a specific way so other tools might not work well with it, so I think in this case After Effects 24 is necessary to get the correct font names. you can use after effects 24 to collect the font names and then use them in earlier version of after effects.

I am still not sure exactly what you are asking but I don’t think it is possible to collect effects.

@zeekdaville , you can try to upload the file now

Generate Fx add 4 effects.json (278.7 KB)

Wanted to see if you could extend animations duration till the end of the layer or project, also would like to see if you could smooth the effects out. Even if you want to touch up on the script by making it better that would work.

Also that would be cool if you could make a list of fonts from A.E24 then pass it down to the downgraded versions for random fonts.

Effects (5.8 KB)

I have a copy of a project
Third a Script that could collect every effect file in a project or comp, They do have alot of free templates on the internet, just was wondering if they have any script that can collect all these effects that people uses.

@zeekdaville ,

Here is the new automation with all your animation presets
Random Animation Preset (7.9 KB)

use this automation to collect the fonts in the same way and send it as a file.
Collect (1.0 KB)

Generate Fx add 2 effects v2.json (278.7 KB)
I extended the animations to the whole layer but I couldn’t refine or smooth the animation as it is quite hard to animate randomly and making it look good.

i don’t think it is possible to collect the effects using an automatic way as every effect is unique.